Saturday, February 23, 2008

What is it that really makes a good film?

I ask the question because I have just finished watching a film I really enjoyed.

You know the type. The credits roll any it's not that you're sat there gob smacked at the twist you didn't see coming, or blown away by the big budget CGI. No, you're just sat there happy with that nice fuzzy warm feeling inside. The feeling that you get when the rest of the world has been shut out for an hour or two and you 'get' the ending.

The case in point is Say Anything. Now I remember this film fondly. I was entering that phase in life and there was this actress in the film (for the sake of this story we'll call her Ione Sky), and just let me rewind my mind some 18 years (crikey, I'm getting old) and say; Fwwwwoooorrrrrrrrr! Suffice to say I watched the film a lot and remember it foldly.

Fast forward 18 years and I watch the film with a big smile on my face. I watch the part where Lloyd Dobler sands there in the park after being dumped by his girlfriend, holding his ghetto blaster (yes this film is old school) above his head playing 'their' song at full volume so she can hear it in her bedroom, and think "wow, no one can ever write that again without getting the label 'copy cat'".

I spot great writing everywhere right up to the final second there the fasten seatbelt light goes out with a 'bing!' and we are told everything will be okay.

The thing is, I turn to my wife and she says "well I suppose it was okay!"


Just Okay!

Burn her!

But does she have a point?

Do I only like the film because I simply remember having a crush on Ione Sky when I was 16?

Someone out there please back me up and say this is actually a good film showing off some good writing.

Please, I beg you!



2 comment(s):

Lucy said...

Nah, it was just okay.

And if you would burn your wife so readily, she REALLY needs a divorce.

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

I suppose burning is a little harsh.

Perhaps I should just sue her for emotional damages :)