Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another one for the pile

Whilst trying hard to get to sleep last night but failing big time (the wind outside rather than the baby this time), I came up with a new idea. My head has been so far away from the screenwriting world of late that I thought I was heading for a rather lengthy break.

As I couldn’t sleep I went downstairs for the laptop and rattled off a few pages. At the moment I’ve got an act one, the launch of the climax for act three with an ending that needs work, and a premise for the progression of act two.

I’m in new territory here:
1) I’ve never attempted a black comedy before but it looks like that is what I’ve got here.
2) The script opens with a scene just before the final play out of act three, and then flashes back a period of time to recount the story up to that point (I’ve never done that before and has to be done perfectly to work).
3) I have the main character narrating with a voice over (never been there either).
4) It’s about a hit man (I’m not claiming any knowledge of that area to draw on).

Anyway, I’m happy to know I still have the motivation to come up with new ideas, so I’ll add this one to the pile and see where it goes.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Lucy Rose Parr was born this Sunday at 15:05 almost week early at 7lb 1(quite a shock when our first was a week late).

I am knee deep in nappies and getting by on between 1.5 and 3 hours sleep. Looking after a new born baby came back to me in a flash, but what I wasn't prepared for was making sure a 4 year old doesn't feel neglected at the same time. I am holding my own (so far).

This means nothing writing wise is happening. Nill, zilch, nada. I haven't even had time to think up ideas, not even a crap one and I can usually average 5 of those a day if I try. I'll post piccies when I get them on the computer, but I'm afraid posting may become a little off topic if the time available for things writing stays as it is.

Anyway, I hear a crying baby :)


Monday, October 09, 2006

Life on Mars

Just read on the BBC that Life on Mars will end after series two.

I'm not very shocked as it became clear to me half way through series one that although it was a great concept, it would probably have worked better as a mini series. I do hope they find new life in it for series two and prove me wrong rather than offer a whole series of nostalgic moments.

Robin Hood (BBC1 & BBC3)

I was going to call this post "And Cancel Christmas!" as Alan Rickman stole the show with his acting in the film version, but this is the small screen and nobody stole any show. Anyway .....

I watched the start of the new Robin Hood series last night.

I thought the writing was a bit weak at the very start, but that sorted itself out a little and the same could be said of the directing: What on earth was going on when they were showing off twirling swords around? They missed the mark with that sequence.

There was just enough (and only just) in the 45 minutes to make me want to watch the next episode, so the jury is still out. HOWEVER I may stop watching if they don't get rid of that whizzing arrow sound when they show the title of a location on the screen. After the third time I wanted to punch the TV.

I did think the actors outperformed the writing, apart from Marion who I thought was weak (although that could be down the her limited screen time).

I think I'll give it two more episodes to grab my interest. My last point is that they should have made it an hour long as I think 45 minutes may make episodes look rushed.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's getting closer!

Can someone please slow life down, or at least put a few extra days in the week?

The free script notes service is on hold for the moment. The baby is due in 2 weeks and I have 2 scripts to review. I think it is safer to leave it at that until we are settled with the new baby before I accept any more submissions. You can picture it as I get home from work.

ME: Honey, I'm home!
My Better Half (MBH): Oh, thank God! They baby has been crying all day and I haven't been able to get a thing done.
ME: Are you okay?
MBH: Yeah, I'm fine, but could you look after the baby for a while or do the house work?
ME: Sorry, I can't. I'm off upstairs to read this script. And I'll be writing the review tomorrow after work.
MBH: ..........

Well I'm sure you know what MBH would say next, so I won't accept any more submissions for a while as I've grown quite accustomed to my man bits over the years.

On top of all that the DIY is taking ages. I'm on the home straight but no one told me the home straight is 3 miles long. Do you have any idea how long it takes to sand a banister down? I didn't but I do now. More sanding tonight.