Monday, November 01, 2004

Divine Right?????

Just saw a programme on TV that opened my eyes

It was called "The Pornographer V's The President" and is about a porn king (albeit a low budget one) who is about to be dragged through the court for making some (very) hard-core porn movies. He and his wife both face a total of 50 years in jail (each)if convicted. The program focused on the Christian movement in the USA and how they were becoming one of the biggest political forces in the country. To anyone who has taken any interest in American history, they will know this goes against the constitution where the 6th article was designed to strictly prevent this. Also about how the Bush campaign is using Church groups as base stations for campaign drives and rallies etc... which is actually illegal in America (but that doesn't seem to concern the bush team). Even though the title of the program says President, it is actually the Christian Fundamentalist right's campaign to clean up the USA to a standard they see fit, and how they are not that far from getting what they want.

What was more scary (and I don't know why as I'm not American), was the fact that the attorney general is a devout Christian and is leading a personal campaign based on his beliefs. He has openly stated that he is being hindered by the law. Also, the supreme court judges hold their places until death or retirement. A few are due to retire within the next 4 years and there is a good chance that if elected, Bush will load the bench with far right Christians. That will basically give the Christian groups free will to impose their beliefs into law (and it was hinted they would do just that).

Now I don't mean to offend any Christians here, but one person speaking made a very good point that these people will not be swayed from their quest to enter their beliefs into law as they are written in the Bible and that is that. Their mindset is basically "it is against the law to do so, but the Bible is right so it is all ok in the end". Where does that leave everyone else who is not Christian? What about the Muslims, the Jews, the Hindus, the atheists, even that wired one where they worship aliens as the creators of life on Earth (and insert any other belief here)? They are forced to live their life to a belief system they don't believe in. "Oh, well they will be exempt from certain laws" someone might say. Well, how would one tell one from the other? Make them wear identifying marks? A shiver from history should creep up your spine there. I'm not saying nazi, but what is stated above is definitely class separation based on religious beliefs. I don't know how true it is but one person claimed one of the biggest Christian political groups in the US didn't disagree with the way the Taliban ruled in Afghanistan. They just thought they ruled to the wrong religion.

This is not a Christian bashing post (I used to attend a happy clappy Church and wave my hands with the best of them), but there is a fine line that the movement in America seems to be stepping over and they have clear plans to head on into the distance. Law is law, no matter how much you don't like it. law is there to hold society together. Even with law in place, if it is so greatly tipped to the favour of a class then you are living in a dictatorship, no matter how many elections are held. As stated above the 6th article of the US constitution was written to specifically deny political power to any religious group, yet that seems to be what is happening.

I'll stop there as I've gone on a bit. I'm not actually sure what my point is apart form "watch out Americans" (the majority of whom are not Church going far right Christian fundamentalist's).

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