Monday, November 01, 2004

What, no re-counts

Watched a news article yesterday about how people in Florida are starting to worry that with their new electronic voting system there is no way to do a re-count.

They can do a query to get a number from the database but there is nothing to look at that will tell a person a voter's intention as to whom they voted for.

It is obvious to me as someone who knows about software, but it seems a lot of Americans are shocked by this. If the system for some reason started logging every fifth vote for Kerry as Bush, unless after pressing a button for Kerry the system put a message on the screen saying "Thank you for voting Bush", there would be no way of knowing.

Another note from the news report was that whoever oversees the US election has trebled the number of personnel it has watching for irregularities. There was also a person from the Bush campaign moaning about how "anti-Bush" the UK was. Aw, bless him. Poor chap.

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