Sunday, July 09, 2006

For the love of God, show me quality!

So, a post over at Danny’s blog talks about him getting scripts with a picture on the cover (even I know you shouldn’t do that).

That leads me to the question:

What is the quality of work currently in the hands of studio execs?

I read posts from studio readers (freelance and employed), where they comment on the poor quality of what is passed to them. Now, somehow these scripts have found their way into the hands of someone at a studio and given enough consideration to warrant paying a reader to go over them. I was under the impression that studios would bin any unsolicited submissions, so they must have gone through an official channel like through an agent.

I always thought a newbie writer has more chance of seeing the Queen’s tits than getting an agent that will get their work into the hands of a studio, but from what I’ve read a great deal of poor quality work does get through.

Does this mean that getting stuff to a studio isn’t as hard as people in the know would lead us to believe?

Is getting a good agent easier than I think?

I don’t believe I have anything good enough to submit yet so I haven’t tried for an agent, but am I worrying about nothing?

The waters seem a little muddy to me so please can someone clear this up!?!?

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