Friday, July 07, 2006

So What Next?

As you can see from the status bar on the right I am 10% into draft three of Good Guys. Everyone else seems to have a status bar so I looked at the HTML on a blog or two and pinched it (I hope no one has copyright!).

I pretty much know where I’m going with it (apart from perhaps three or four pages before the ending), so I’m sure I’ll finish. When it is finished I’ll put it down for a while. It will be getting there but I’m guessing I’ll need two more drafts before I dare enter it in any competitions or attempt to get it in the hands of someone who may make it. However I’m not sure if I can live through another draft without taking a break from it. It’s my first stab at anything near funny and I didn’t know funny could be such hard work (I’ve still no idea if I’ve pulled it off). If you are a comedy writer please tell me how to translate funny into text!

So what next? When I say ‘next’ I mean I will probably will write it in parallel with the Good Guys draft. I have the following I could start:

  • Feel-good romance story called ‘3500 Miles from New York’ (I got about 40 pages into this one roughly two years ago, but will probably start again from scratch)

  • Time travel back to Roman times thing

  • Love story drama thing called ‘Only in Dreams’ (I’ve never seen anything like this one before so I don’t really know what category to put it in)

  • American civil war script (I can do history I can! But it will be fiction)

  • World War Two story based on a little known fact about Nazi experiments (I can do factual fiction me!)

  • A type of deep gritty post Balkan war film that then switches location to the USA mid act two and gets a little silly (I think I may forget about this one)

  • Deep thoughts: Something I can only describe as Fargo meets K-Pax

Apart from the Balkan war thing, I’m easy. Does anyone have a preference?

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