Sunday, September 03, 2006

Call that a blockbuster? Pahf!

I’m a bit behind on cinema time lately so the following post is probably old news to most.

Over the last two weeks I have seen 4 movies: 2 B movies and 2 (so called) blockbusters. I have to say that the B movies won any sort of contest easily.

Blockbuster number one: Superman Returns was weak and had such a big plot hole in it that you had to look up, down and side to side to actually see the film.

Blockbuster number two: Pirates 2. The only reason that film didn’t have any plot holes in it was the fact that it didn’t have a plot for any holes to exist. I know it’s a two part film, but there should be some sort of story contained within part one. I won’t dig into their failings because this post would never end (go on, someone tempt me!).

The B movies were Snakes on a Plane and Severance. I went in with an open mind and thought they were fantastic. I wonder how many of those films could be made for the combined budget of Superman and Pirates?

I recall when Judge Dredd came out and there was this interview with Sly saying it was a fantastic film. Fast forward five or six years and another interviewer (can’t remember who) asked Sly about Judge Dredd and he just shook his head and looked at the floor (I know a Judge Dread fan may stop by here, so no offence, I’m just telling it like I saw it).

Anyway, I wonder if the cast of Pirates or Superman will do anything similar when asked about those films in five or six years?

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