Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another one for the pile

Whilst trying hard to get to sleep last night but failing big time (the wind outside rather than the baby this time), I came up with a new idea. My head has been so far away from the screenwriting world of late that I thought I was heading for a rather lengthy break.

As I couldn’t sleep I went downstairs for the laptop and rattled off a few pages. At the moment I’ve got an act one, the launch of the climax for act three with an ending that needs work, and a premise for the progression of act two.

I’m in new territory here:
1) I’ve never attempted a black comedy before but it looks like that is what I’ve got here.
2) The script opens with a scene just before the final play out of act three, and then flashes back a period of time to recount the story up to that point (I’ve never done that before and has to be done perfectly to work).
3) I have the main character narrating with a voice over (never been there either).
4) It’s about a hit man (I’m not claiming any knowledge of that area to draw on).

Anyway, I’m happy to know I still have the motivation to come up with new ideas, so I’ll add this one to the pile and see where it goes.

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