Friday, October 20, 2006


Lucy Rose Parr was born this Sunday at 15:05 almost week early at 7lb 1(quite a shock when our first was a week late).

I am knee deep in nappies and getting by on between 1.5 and 3 hours sleep. Looking after a new born baby came back to me in a flash, but what I wasn't prepared for was making sure a 4 year old doesn't feel neglected at the same time. I am holding my own (so far).

This means nothing writing wise is happening. Nill, zilch, nada. I haven't even had time to think up ideas, not even a crap one and I can usually average 5 of those a day if I try. I'll post piccies when I get them on the computer, but I'm afraid posting may become a little off topic if the time available for things writing stays as it is.

Anyway, I hear a crying baby :)


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