Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quick update

I have to apologise for the lack of posting lately; things have been a bit hectic.

I went down to our company's London office last week and used the time to get back into the writing swing of things (train journeys and a night in a hotel are ideal tools to help with that).

I've taken 'Only in Dreams' into act two and can actually see a path through to act three and the end. This can only be bad news as this screenplay should NOT be that easy. I'll plug away to the end and see what I come up with. I'm still unsure about this as a concept, so when I am finished I may need to get some notes on it.

I'm sure I'll have more confidence in the script when it is finished, or at least be able to see what needs fixing :)

In other news I have applied for a job in our London office. I have no idea if I will get it, but I am in with a good chance (and have an interview). It won't require me to move down to the city, but I will mean I have to travel down there for two days a week. I know that sounds a pain, and it is, however my wife is okay with it and you have to take your opportunities when they arise. I guess there will be lots of train journeys for me to keep my writing going.

Anyway, I have an interview I need to swat up for.



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Anonymous said...

I am not sure I should be where I am in my current script either... I looked at the page count and see 108. Huh? Ha

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

I say it *shouldn't* be that easy.

When I get to the end I'll read it, seem the mess, and say "Ah, it wasn't that easy after all" :)

Dan said...

Hi Chris,

Can you update my link to:

The old one has given up on me. Cheers!

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

No problem.

I was wondering why I was getting a blank page.

Dan said...

Cheers, Chris. It appears that Blogger won't let you specify path names within your own domain anymore so I've had to let them host the journal.

By the way, you're tagged(assuming you know what that means and you haven't been done before).

Dan said...

Ahh balls, that tagged link doesn't work. Just go to my blog. Bloody html.