Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The rusty screenwriting cogs slowly start to turn

On the train to London yesterday I actually added to one of my screenplays.

Not much as I had to re-read what I had to make sure I was up to speed with where I left it, but I added to it all the same. Only two pages, but the scenes I wrote smashed their way through a big brick wall that previously I couldn't break through.

I'm taking the train home this afternoon so I'll see if I can build up some momentum.



5 comment(s):

Lucy said...

Go go go

The Moviequill said...

Great, don't jump off that train (the writing train I mean)

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

Rattled off a few more pages since my last post and I'm happy with that.

I hope I can keep that up, but my real problem is that yesterday my XBox 360 came back from the repair centre (I'm going to have to sell that thing or I'll never write again).

Jason Arnopp said...

Do you know, I'm getting the impression that the XBox has been used a lot, of late. Where's your posts, sir? The scribosphere is idly twiddling its thumbs, waiting for Chris-osity. :)

Naresh Thakor said...