Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Where on google am I?

I'm drawn to post today for a strange, nay, probably sad reason.

I typed my name into google to see if I came up. The first reference to my name was around result 40, and that was my linkedin profile. 40! I must have put enough random mess on the interwebnet to be worth a better position that that.

So I restrict the results to searching the UK only. Even worse (in fact I gave up looking around rank 150)! I found that a bit strange as I live in the UK, but I suppose the world of the Internet has no borders.

Search for ukscriptwriter and I'm all over the place, but I have a name goddammit! My name is Chris Parr, and do you know what? There are about 3 other Chris Parrs' that have made it in the world of screenwriting! Is that somehow ironic, or just a slap in the face?

I am now on a mission to get me up the google rankings, but I have no idea how. I've changed my blogger profile from Chris (ukscriptwriter), to Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter), and I'm hoping writing "Chris Parr" enough in this post will help ("Chris Parr", "Chris Parr", "Chris Parr", "Chris Parr"), but I doubt it.

I have a vague recollection that link text will help, so I would be grateful if you could all create a link in a blog post, or on your web page to this one using the following snippet:

<a href="http://ukscriptwriter.blogspot.com/">Chris Parr</a>

Let google index away and pull me up the rankings.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Help me people!



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Mosher said...

Put my name into Google. Go on. Then cry for a while :-P Top five!

I'm surprised there's an Ian (C.) Purdie who's also a geek, though.

Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

Hey! You have the top 2 hits.

ACTUALLY you have 7 out of the 10 on the top page (including a youtube video dedicated to you)!

Truly I am in the virtual presence of greatness. Teach me master.

Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

PS, I am now following you on twitter.

Mosher said...


And strange, I seem to get different hits on Google to you. Mind, I get a tonload more if I search on UK pages only.

Incidentally, I'm using google.co.uk, not .com (in case you are) otherwise I get automagically redirected to .fr which I can't read.

Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

I put your name in quotation marks and searched on google.co.uk

Lianne said...


Hope it helps! (sorry can't be bothered to do the fancy link thingy bit)

David Kassin Fried said...

Putting Chris Parr in bold or putting Chris Parr in italics also helps. Also, you should include your name in the title and description of your page. Titles are HUGE for Search Engine Optimization.