Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have an idea for a horror script!

Now, anyone who knows me will think that a bit strange. I've never gone for horror films. I remember watching The Amityville Horror when I was about 8 or 9 at a friends house after school when his parents were out and thinking "what's all the fuss about". Ever since then they really haven't appealed to me.

I've watched "sort of horror" movies, Resident Evil (an action film), Shaun of the Dead (comedy), Scream and I know what you did last summer (not sure how to categorise them), but I've never been a true fan.

I saw a trailer for The Grudge (I think, the one with Buffy in it), where there is that CCTV footage and I remember shitting my pants, so I doubt I'm ready to be a hard core fan. Anyway back to the horror idea.

Forgive me for making assumptions, but I've always thought of horror films as no-brainers (hold the flames, I'll correct myself), but after reading several screenwriting blogs on the subject, it would seem they may be the hardest to genre to write. With that in mind I could dive into the script and write 90 to 120 pages of what I thought was horror and totally miss the point, hence the following request: Educate me!

Keeping in mind that I'm a horror novice (so I want nothing too OTT), could you please list some good genre introductory titles that show all the good points that a horror film should have. Nothing too obscure, just titles that are simple and have all the basics.

I will watch them, try to find the screenplays, and see how my idea fits the mould, and try to take it from there.

The good thing is the ideas are still flowing while I've been out of writing mode. I've had a great idea for a romance that has never been done before (at least not that I've seen). I need to get the outline for that one done ASAP.



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