Monday, November 14, 2005

Not sure what to do

I'm a bit stuck.

Things are starting to settle down after the house move, and the only boxes left to unpack are full of the stuff we never use but don't want to throw out. They should probably stay packed and stored in the loft. As a result I am now starting to think about writing again.

I have draft number two of Good Guys about ten pages in, but I'm thining of putting that one on hold. My problem is lack of complete drafts (Good Guys is the only one). I have the horror idea and the romance idea in the front of my mind at the moment (and about six others archived), and I'm thinking of getting first drafts of those out of the way before I complete draft two of Good Guys. I feel that I will learn more at the moment by writing more complete drafts than a rewrite. That way I'm hoping draft two of Good Guys will be that much better.

Do I plod on with Good Guys, or do I get more complete drafts under my belt? I'm leaning towards the latter at the moment, but I'm still unsure.

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