Monday, August 14, 2006

Practicing what I preach.

The script reading seems to be taking up a lot of my free time and as a result I'm spending less on my writing (a bad thing).

However, what it is doing is making me practice what I preach and as a result my writing should be of a higher quality (a good thing).

We all know the mechanics of a good script and how they should be presented, but when you are slogging through the process, churning out page after page, it is easy to loose sight of quality (or at least it is easy for me). When reading another person's script, I can pick out what it is doing wrong and what it isn’t doing that it should, but picking those issues with my own work seems to be harder.

While reading and making a note or two about the script, I've found myself thinking about my own work and making notes left, right and centre. So in short, I've got even less time to write, but what I do produce should produce a much tighter and marketable script.

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