Thursday, January 18, 2007

Page count increasing.

The time is approaching again:

I am soon to hit the "end of act one" mark with the hit man script. I am over half way through the first act and may have a little trouble getting things in the correct place (I don't want to drag it out to page 60), and I do want to keep this script out of my act one pile.

Wow, what a link that was (I should be on the radio or TV). If you have an act one pile check out the following:

The Act One Project.

Register your interest by leaving a comment here, on the project blog (follow the link above or on the right), or drop me an email with Act One Project in the subject. Leave contact details and I'll be in touch.



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oneslackmartian said...

Hey, is your progress bar growing or are you just happy to see me?

(hahaha, ohh, i crack myself up)