Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Supermarket Checkouts

I think I'm turning a bit grumpy in my old age.

If there's one thing that really, really, *really* gets on my tits (pardon the expression), it's kids offering to pack your shopping at the checkout.

Of late they don't even seem to offer they just start packing and I have to stop them, because they'll just get it wrong and smash my eggs or squash my bread. I told the last little girl who tried that it was okay and I'd manage. I smiled, was polite and spoke in a calm voice, but by the look on her face you would have thought I had told her I'd just blended her hamster.

I know it's usually for a good cause but I'd just prefer them to leave their collection bucket and clear off. And a bucket! how much do they expect us to give?!?!

*And relax*

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Jonathan Gill said...

Stay clear of Asda at Pudsey, Leeds. There's a kids football team packing in there every weekend. I hate it when you say no thanks and they don't move out of your personal space. They just look at you, holding a bag open, like they're gonna wrap it swiftly yet calmly around your neck.

Cool blog, btw.

Mosher said...

In Oz, they have amazing double standards. They go on about not using plastic, but if you go to Coles (I think it is) they bag your stuff as they swipe it through the till.

Thing is, they put about 4 things in each bag. So you end up with about 15 bags for an average weekly shop. When I pack, I put shitloads of stuff in the bags so I use the minimum.

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