Thursday, February 24, 2005


It took me an extra 25 mins to get into work today because it was snowing.

So what? I hear you ask.

Well the roads had been cleared, it's just that most people shit their pants at the first flake they see and drive everywhere at 20mph. "ARRGGHH a flake of snow, and shit a corner! Must slow down to 5mph before I die!" GO HOME! AND MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR WHERE IT IS AND WALK!

Then there's the ones who try to get up the hill out of the estate I live in but putting the car in first gear and see how fast they can spin their wheels whilst moving at 1mph. STOP IT! ARE YOU THICK? ALL YOU ARE DOING IS POLISHING THE ROAD SO NOBODY ELSE CAN GET UP THE HILL? If your wheels start to spin then change up a gear! You will get up faster and everyone else will also make it.

I propose a change in the law that introduces a proficiency test that must be passed before you can even look at your car when it is snowing.


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