Friday, August 12, 2005

Cinema start times

Ok I doubt anyone will read this as this is my first post in ages and anyone who was reading will have gone by now, but.........

After work last night I decided I wanted to go to the cinema. Looked at my watch: 5:30pm. Great I'll catch the films that start around 6:30, so got into the car and off I went to the Odeon. Got there around 6 and was miffed to find out that the films I wanted to see started at 8:15, in fact everything apart from Herby (or however you spell it), started after 8pm.

So back into the car and down to Cineworld (Bradford's other cinema). The result: THE SAME!!!!!!

Come on. The start times for all their films seemed to be 5:30 and then sometime after 8pm! Has it never clicked with them that the majority of people won't finish work until 5:30. Therefore by the time you get to the Cinema it will be after 6. So why, why, why do they start films at 5:30.

I'm sure there is logic to it but it is lost on me.

Rant over :)

On a lighter note, things seem to be going smoothly with our house move :)



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