Sunday, June 18, 2006

I love it when it happens (and really hate it)!

So I’m sitting there watching Australia run rings round Brazil in the world cup (shame they lost 2 – 0), when my muse said hello. I tried to ignore him/her (does a Muse have a gender? I’ll make mine female), but she wouldn’t go away.

With one eye on the football and one eye on the laptop, I wrote an outline for a “high flying business man time travels against his will and gets mixed up in things Roman” script (not sure which genre to put that one in). Sounds corny I know, but the outline paints a pretty serious story.

I really love it when I come up with ideas.

What’s that? Why do I also hate it?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I hate it because I’m in the middle of another project. The next draft of Good Guys is underway and I’m pretty sure I’ll get that through to the end without hitch. Now I have this idea flying round my head getting in the way. I really hate that.


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