Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup and Free Writing Software

Even though I have just restarted this blog, I must now apologise in advance if posting is light over the next 4 weeks as the World Cup is in full swing (but I'll still do my best). It's kind of a big thing to anyone who even remotely follows football.

FYI: Football is the game where you play by using your 'foot' to kick a 'ball'; 'foot-ball', not the version of rugby you sometimes see where the players wear armour to protect themselves :)

Anyway, that said Piers Beckley left a comment on a previous post suggesting I give CeltX a try as a free scriptwriting tool. I've installed it and only had a very brief play with it (I'm at work at the moment, naughty me), however it looks very good and has lots of features like character development (you can enter motivation, background etc…). The writing process doesn't seem as smooth and effortless as Movie Magic Screenwriter, but don't forget it is free (a big plus point in my book).

One thing that I am never sure about and trusted Movie Magic to get right are margins. There are lots of places on the web stating what they should be, but they also say I should use Letter size paper. Over here in the UK we use A4 paper. Does this make the margins different? I have no idea. If there is a UK Pro Monkey reading this, perhaps you could clear this point up for me.

I'm going to use CeltX for my second draft of Good Guys and post a review here when I am done. If you can't wait for that then download it your self and give it a try (let me know if you do).

The CeltX web site
The CeltX wiki manual



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