Thursday, June 22, 2006

The silly sounding serious concept.

Right, so you have this idea, a serious story and get really excited about it. You write the outline and like it even more. The only problem is you describe it quickly in a blog post (I quote): “High flying business man time travels against his will and gets mixed up in things Roman”.

Now I could change the “gets mixed up in things Roman” to “has to fight for the survival of himself, his love, and those he comes to call brothers in arms”.

Now to me that sounds a little more exciting, but something in me says “A guy from the year 2006 travelling back to Roman times? Hmmm, a little out there”.

Then I see a trailer for a new film with that Bollocks, ahem I mean Bullock actress (sorry, but I don’t rate her). It seems that her and Keanu Reeves have a love affair through mail sent through time. How on earth did someone describe that one without sounding corny?

I guess it's all in the pitch.

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