Thursday, March 06, 2008

Be Kind Rewind? Be Kind PRESS STOP!

I had several options at the cinema the other night, but the only one that would get me back to the hotel in time for the football was 'Be Kind Rewind'.

I read a couple of reviews that painted it in a good light, so I thought I'd go and see it. After the film I started wondering if I had found the ONLY two reviews in existence that painted it in a good light, because what I saw was dull, dull, dull. I don't even recall laughing once.

What they have taken is an interesting idea, but it is quite clear that the execution of it was way off the mark. I can imagine the pitch, the meetings where ideas flew back and forth, and how everyone thought it couldn't fail, but when the script came along the project should have been taken out to the shed and put down without hesitation. The end product just didn't live up to what could have been.

I think the director realised this as I'm quite sure he tried to get a little 'arty' (and failed miserably), by doing some sort of silent movie thing towards the end. Or maybe I'm just not getting it. Some people may like it for bringing back a little nostalgia when they recall parts of the movie the characters are re-shooting, but nostalgia isn't enough to carry a movie (although I'm sure people will quote examples).

It was just silly in places: The whole neighbourhood liking these crappy remakes and then being taken in saying they have to buy this little chip to view them as a DVD (or whatever excuse they used)? Come on! That just isn't plausible.

2 stars out of 10 for me (it would be too harsh to give only one as I managed to stay awake).



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Bit off subject but nice to have you back mate!

Thought "Fade out" meant, you know...

Anyway keep Scribing!

Robin Kelly said...

I totally agree. (Not with Sheiky. I don't care that you're back ;-))

The problem with Be Kind is that Gondry is a director of great visual imagination and has fantastic ideas but he can't write for toffee.