Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Big ?????

So, if New York is 'The Big Apple', is London 'The Big Avacado'?

Does London even have a nick-name?

Anyway, that's where I'm off to as I type this, sharing a very slow (but free), wifi connection with about (I'm guessing) 100 other people on the train. Major project slippage to deal with today, people to interview in order to save the project tomorrow.

I'm staying in the Holiday Inn Express on Finchley Road. It's clean and tidy, but very basic. I don't mind that at all, however in the summer it seems to become a youth hostel with teenagers keeping you awake until the eraly hours of the morning (hey, I'm getting older - deal with it!). We have an order at work that you must try to get the cheapest hotel. This on is number one on the list at £85 per night. I'm always happy during summer when it is full and I get to stay at the Marriott.

Anyway, on my last trip I found out that you get loads more sushi for your money if you get take out from Yo! Sushi, rather than eating in, so I may load up and retreat to my hotel room and do some writing. Projects that are kind of avtice at the moment (I'll update the progress bars later):

1) An untitled fiction book that I'm writing for my daughter (yes, I'm branching out).

2) The next draft of Only in Dreams.

Anyway, I'd better answer some emails as I guess I am supposed to be working, but before I do, and for no aparent reason, I'll leave you with this question:


Answers on a postcard.



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patroclus said...

It's the Big Smoke, innit Chris, corblimey, strike a light guv'nor, etc.

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

Oh well,

Maybe it's because I'm a northerner.
That I love the cold weather so....

That's all I can be bothered to make up :)

Mosher said...


chrissoth said...

LA is the big Avocado, and I believe one Superman movie refers to Metropolis by my name. London is source of one great quote:

"If you don't love London, you don't love life."

Who needs a nickname w/Bosworth, Johnson, Pepys or whoever said THAT?

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

I have to admit, I do love London, but only in small doses.

It's nice to beat a retreat back home after I've done what I need to do down there.

Mosher said...

Nice to visit, I'd imagine awful to live in. I don't see the point in paying a 50% increase in cost of living for the sake of a 33% hike in wages.

Oh, and London *does* have a Big Gherkin, though the Lloyds building on the other side of the road from it is way cooler.

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

I remember the expense of living down there after finishing Uni.

After the rent, petrol, food etc... I had enough money to go to the cinema once a week and not a penny more.

When I'm down there now, the company pays :)