Monday, September 27, 2004

Chasing Amy

Watched Chasing Amy yesterday. It's a film written and directed by Kevin Smith and I highly recommend it to everyone (if they are over 18 of course). Full of dick and fart jokes and a lot of four letter words. If I'm in the right frame of mind I find that sort of stuff funny. Even if you hate that sort of thing, if you put up with it you will notice some brilliant writing going on there.

I've seen it loads of times before but this was the first time since I started writing my own screenplays. Since starting to write I have come to appreciate good screenwriting more, and I've also learnt to spot and hate the bad screenwriting (see the third instalment of the Matrix as a fine example of that).

Other stuff by Kevin Smith (in order of release):

If you are Catholic and feel like bashing me for liking Dogma, I will quote Kevin Smith himself "Lighten up! It's a film with a rubber poop monster in it"

I haven't seem Jersey Girl yet but I've got it coming next from
Screen Select.

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