Monday, September 27, 2004

Taxi Driver of the Year

I must say that the taxi driver I saw this morning must be a top candidate for this award.

Now if you are a reading this and are both a taxi driver and also a perfect driver then I apologise for enforcing a sterotype, but you have to admit you a a minority among the species.

Anyway, when I set off to work this morning it was still too dark to drive without lights, and approaching me I saw a taxi with lights turned off. Being the good person I am, I dipped my lights a few times to remind him or her that they should have their's on. Who knows, some innocent granny out walking her little terrier might not see the car and get knocked over. Well as the taxi drove past me I realised that I need not have bothered. There was no way the taxi driver would have seen what I was doing as he was reading a newspaper, giving the road only the occasional glance!

That must take the piss. I just hope he drives into a tree and kills himself before he kills someone else. With a bit of luck he won't have any children and his line will have been wiped from the gene pool!

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