Sunday, October 17, 2004

Ideas, ideas everywhere, but not a second to write!

A good five days must have passed since I've penned a single word for 3500 Miles from New York (my current screenplay). I have about thirty hand written pages to type up, but home life never seems to allow me the time. Also at work my current project is going live so I've even found it impossible to write by hand in my lunch hour.

Things should slow down at work next week so I should be able to continue on with pen and paper, but as for typing it up I feel I'll have a complete hand written screenplay before I get time to type another character. Then again I've just typed a load of them in this post, so I must have some time, but hey... :)

Can't say I should feel sorry for myself though. My friend Iain (aka Mosh) has open uni deadlines coming up with no time to work. I should quit moaning, as at the end of the day I am working to my own deadline, not one that I have to meet to get a qualification.

Let's all send a bunch of positive waves Iain's way. All the best dude!

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