Friday, October 08, 2004

Lydia pt2

I now have a very miserable wife and I don't blame her.

She has been told she has to stay in hospital until at least Tuesday. One good point is that they have moved her to a private room with a TV and video, so at least she won't be as board.

The ward she was on was awful. Imagine a film that depicted a nightingale ward full of mental patients in the 1920's and that is what she was on. If was full of old people who couldn't walk trying to break their neck's by getting out of bed and trying to walk away, or people constantly for help. The latter didn't get much help because the 3 nurses who were on duty were too busy sprinting up and down the ward trying to stop the latter from killing themselves.

The thing that is pissing me off is that they suspect she has a blood clot on her lungs which is something that could kill her. They have told her that she needs a test but they only run these tests on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that she has to stay until they can test her. If they suspect she has something that could kill her you would think they would run the test now and not wait.

I guess all of this is typical of our under funded crap NHS. I don't blame the staff as they are doing the best they can, usually with somewhere around 50 to 75% of the staff they need to do the job (I know this because Lydia is a nurse herself).

Perhaps Mr Blair should have more money into the NHS instead of helping that Bush fella blow up Iraq looking for chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons that didn't exist.

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