Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fundraising Plug

I've been waiting for him to put a "donate" link on his blog, but he is currently busy planning.

Iain is a friend of mine currently currently wandering around various countries in the Pacific region. In an attempt to raise some money for charity he will head home, stop roughly 1000 miles away and walk the rest. He's a sound bloke and you can take my word for it that this is genuine. I have his stuff in my loft, so if you donate and he doesn't do it, I'll sell his possessions and send you the money. After I've drank his wiskey that is :)

Seriously, he is genuine so take a look (I'll plug the site again when he is accepting donations).

Click here to find out more (

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Glamour Mom said...
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Mosher said...

If you drink the whisky, I'll *run* home and thump you! There's a good couple of bottles of Edradour there. Whch are currently at least a year more mature than they were when I bought them...

Should have some donation buttons up soon. Just waiting for Blue Dragon to hear back from a UK charity which can accept tax-free donations on their behalf. This is already possible for US and Aus donations.