Tuesday, March 20, 2007


(Don't watch the youtube clip if you have kids around or you are offended by bad language)

I posted ages ago about a version of one of my scripts where a character had a bit of a foul mouth. I was worried that even though it was in character, it would be off-putting to readers. Anyway I re-wrote the character (not because of his foul mouth) and the language was toned down as a result.

To get to the point; I found The Fu*$ing Short Version of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on youtube the other day. Now I think the gauntlet has been thrown down to produce the longest film using just bad language.

(If you can't see the clip, use this link)

Ouch! My ears hurt :)

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Anonymous said...

I have one for you... YouTube.com (search for Glen & Gary & Glen & Ross)

here is the link to it but these never seem to work in blogger


Mosher said...

Bugger - this sounds good. I wish I was on broadband :(

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

It's basically 2 mins 21 secs of the f word.

What is the world coming to ;)

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

MQ - A good effort but its only 1:48