Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Last Piece of the Jigsaw Needed for my Romantic Comedy.

After a (very, very, very) long time trying to come up with an original idea for a rom-com, I think I've finally got something. It is in the form of "guy develops a super power to help him with women", so it isn’t entirely original in format (there is What Women Want for example), but I'm sure the idea is fresh enough to avoid being a clone.

But how does the guy get his power?

I can't use lightning as its been used before. I was thinking of an accident: run down by a car or some sort of fall, but the power would need to be taken away and therefore the event would need to happen again (a bit harsh to run the guy over twice).

Then there is the magical mystic object approach, but like most things it as been done before (Big, Vice Versa).

This is clearly fundamental to the story so I don't really want to use an event that has been used before. Of course this doesn't stop most writers (how many body swap films are out there?), but I feel I'm letting the story down if I copy.

Now where the hell is my Muse?



P.S. Feel free to throw any suggestions in for free.

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Gary said...

hi Chris
came across your site from James moran's blog. Afraid I can't help with any super hero ideas, but I am a fellow screenwriter living in Surrey. just thought i'd say hello!

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...


From the site stats I know a lot of people view the pages, but not many comment. It's nice to put a name to a statistic :)

I think I've worked out how the guy will gain his ability (and loose it of course). I'll only see if it really works when I start writing the script.



Olaf Legend said...

perhap the super powers are gained from alcohol or nicotine and when hero is 'sober' then powers wear off. it could be moral piece.

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

That's an interesting approach to the screwball romantic comedy, however I think the underlying plot needs to a bit wackier than the one I have to pull it off.


Jennica said...

There's always the "mystical person" route who gives/takes away, rather than a trauma, or an object.

An example: the Don Knotts character in Pleasantville, who sends the kids into TV-land...

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

Actually that is what I've settled for rather than and accident or simiilar.

I just have to work it into the story. I think I have it, but like I said, I won't know until it is down on paper (or my hard drive).