Friday, February 16, 2007

More Software - CeltX

I thought I'd follow up on my last post with some more software.

Before I bought any software I spent ages doing the FD or MMS debate, freaking out at the price. At the end of the day you could use MS Word or any text editor, but auto formatting really helps.

If money is an issue then try CeltX ( This is free and does the job well. It also has some story and character development features, as well as enabling you to back up you work online. I used it for a while and couldn't fault it. The only reason I went back to MMS was because I was used to it.

If I had no money and didn't own MMS, I would use Celtx without complaint.


3 comment(s):

Sophocles said...

If you'd like to see if our screenwriting and pre-production software merits any mention we're finishing up the last phases of beta testing. Testers get a free unlock code and we've gotten fairly good reviews (beta was used for the screenplay and revision tracking on that latest Harry Potter, they helped us improve functionality a ton). Head over to if you want to apply :)

Chris (ukscriptwriter) said...

I am nothing but fair and the beta has been downloaded.

I will use it for my new Rom-Com and will add sophocles to the FD/MMS comparison thing I am doing.


Sophocles said...

Thanks a bunch, appreciate you taking out the time :)