Thursday, October 20, 2005

One or two things I've found out

I've learned some new things today, nothing too amazing, but they raised an eyebrow or two:

[1] People I didn't know where out there actually link to me (well one does for sure). I was looking at some of the things blogpatrol tells me about visitors, and one titbit is the url people visit from. I started checking them out and came across The Rabbit Trail and saw a link to my blog!

If anyone out there links to me then let me know. I have a list of blogs that I read and if I know you are out there and reading mine, I will stop by and read yours (although the bigger the list the less frequent that will be).

[2] My blog is listed on blog shares. I never knew. So I created an account and bought 900 of me right away :) That drove up the value from 0.54 blog dollars a share, to 0.73!

I bought a few Danny Stack and then found I'd ran out of blog dollars :(

Come on people! Create and account and buy some of me while I'm cheap!

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