Monday, October 03, 2005


I've finished!

Well, at 23:11 last night I typed 'FADE TO BLACK'. As predicted I finished two days after my original deadline, and it came in bang on 110 pages. I haven't read from start to finish yet, as after a quick spell check, the laptop was screaming at me saying the battery was going to give up in two minutes. I saved the script (about ten times just in case), and went to sleep happy. I've now printed it out and will attack it with a red pen this lunch time.

I'm a bit worried that I resorted to getting the story out and neglected the characters personalities a little. Compared to the first thirty pages I rattled the rest off pretty quick. I'll know for sure when I've read the whole thing. Then starts the tweaking and re-writing. After that I may even call it a first draft :)

I've really enjoyed this project so far. I've been writing screenplays on and off for about two years now, however all my efforts so far have stalled. I'm so glad I've seen this one through to a complete script.

I'll let you know how it reads when I've finished scribbling over it with my red pen.

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