Monday, October 10, 2005

Real world comments

Oh well, there goes nothing…

After finishing the first draft of Good Guys and getting a rave review from my wife (probably through rose tinted glasses), I decided to find out if I have at least got a foundation upon which to build any chance of making it as a screenwriter. Therefore I've taken Scott the Reader up on his offer: $60 for script notes, 3 - 5 pages. No way can I afford the hundreds of dollars other people charge, so I was glad when I saw his offer.

He promises to "tear my baby apart", and while that sounds awful, if I want to make it my work needs to be torn apart so I can see what needs to be put right.

I'll wait to see just how he rips it up and have MMS and fingers ready for the re-write.

I'll let you know how Good Guys fairs after I read what he has to say and stoped crying :)



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