Friday, September 30, 2005

Nearly there!

The end is in sight! I can see it!

I've written my false ending I spoke about in the last post, and I've started the final sequence of scenes. I'm not actually sure it is a false ending now I have written it, perhaps it was just the eye of act three's storm. I'll know for sure when I have finished, and see how the whole thing reads from start to finish for the first time.

Like I said above, I've just started the final sequence and that came in at page 96. I've still got around 10 to go (maybe 15 but I don't want to kill the flow), so I really want to push and finish tonight. Problem is a friend is off to Oz for three months, and we are having a mini send off. I guess I'll have a late night :)

Does anyone in the UK here know where to get hold of brads and a three-hole hole punch (that handles letter size paper)? A screenplay competition I have seen insists on three holes and brads (and letter paper as opposed to A4, but I can probably get that from staples).

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