Thursday, September 15, 2005

My lesson to newbies

Just read something on Danny Stack's blog that has hit me between the eyes like a brick.

I think I've over-educated myself with regards to scriptwriting. I'm sure people who read my first full length script will disagree, but as a newbie I think I've educated myself too much in a subject I have no 'show-me-the-money' experience in.

I made a comment on his blog that I get sick of reading scripts I have downloaded from Zoetrope that are full of what I know shouldn't be in a spec script. But hold on a minute! I'm reading complete scripts! A story has been told from start to finish. Forget about all the crap that is wrong with the script, it is a complete script.

I think my problem is that because I'm aware of what I should avoid, I get hung up on trying to avoid it, not to mention the countless re-writes making sure my first ten pages are spot on. Ultimately, because of this my efforts seem to stall.

If at the start I'd just jumped in feet first, I'd probably have the majority of my ideas finished and be in the process of putting them right after receiving a bashing on Zoetrope.

If anyone reading this is just starting out and this is their first day of research into scriptwriting: TAKE NOTE OF WHAT I'VE WRITTEN ABOVE!

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