Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ok, only one act three

I guess false ending is a good label for what I have rather than another act three.

I was making script notes all over the place in MMS to constantly remind myself that I shouldn't put my twist (if that's what we are calling it) in too much of a lull at what appears to be the end. I want it to be at a place where things are winding down, and the resolution of everything is about an inch in front of the characters faces. Then I'll pull out the rug :) I figure if I leave it until things actually are resolved, the flow of the script will stall and I'll be shooting myself in the foot. Let the characters see the rope that will get them out of the hole, only to have it yanked away from them as they reach up for it.

I really enjoyed last nights writing. Went to bed early and typed away until the laptop told me to save what I was doing right away, as the battery was about to gave up its last bit of power. What I wrote positively flew off the keyboard.

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