Friday, August 26, 2005

The homosexual heterosexuals

This is something I came across while watching Shaun of the Dead and I'm trying to work it into my current screenplay. When I say came across, I mean it's the first time I noticed it as a writing tool.

Take two friends, say in their thirties, that have been together since school. Total opposites in character, one is a total asshole (we will call him Bob) and the other is the typical 'nice guy' (we will call him Fred). Whatever Bob does, be it pissing the whole world off, or causing trouble and leaving Fred to take the rap, Fred will always forgive him without a second thought. This instantly causes conflict in Fred's life as he is likable and a great friend to everyone, but Bob always stresses any friendships that exist. To get on with his other friends, Fred must harm his bond with Bob, but to get on with Bob he must harm his Friends when he defends him.

Fred will always defend Bob against people he has annoyed, in fact he will protect him if a situation arose. There is some sort of deeper love here than simple friendship, some special type of love. On the flip side these two are as heterosexual as you can get, Bob will go after anything with breasts, while Fred is always after 'the one'.

They love each other in some deep way, but are terrified (in fact sickened) by the thought of love with another man: The homosexual heterosexuals.

I know there are many other films where I have seen this work, but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Actually there's that sort of relationship in a film called Combat Academy. I'm not going to watch it again to examine this for further ideas as I'm sure it's an awful film. I'll just keep the childhood memory I have of it alongside 'Ferris Bueller's Day off' and 'Wired Science'. If you can think of other examples where this has worked particularly well, drop them in the comments.

If the above is old to you, just remember, I'm a newbie.

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