Monday, August 15, 2005

The queen for hire: best offer accepted.

Read an article on Google News to day about plans by the M.O.D to get the queen in to appear at a banquet in celebration of the battle of Trafalgar.

It seems the M.O.D can't afford the cost of the knees up and have roped in the queen so that they can charge £1,750 to see her. One source was quoted as saying that if you pay the money you will be able to chat to the queen.

Now it seems that politicians and "constitutional experts" are up in arms about this. They say it is wrong to use her presence to make up an M.O.D cash shortfall in staging the celebration.

I think they should shut up. My only problem would be having to pay money to see Betty in the first place. If she wants to exist in her elevated position paid for by the tax payer, then I think the tax payer should own her along with the rest of the Germans they have hiding behind the name Windsor. I found out last month that Prince Phillip doesn't even have a British passport (he may not even be a British citizen!).

Just imagine it. You go down to your local village fate, and join the queue for the "Throw a rotten piece of fruit at a royal in the stocks' stall (I would prefer prince harry).

Other ideas are welcome.

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