Thursday, August 25, 2005

I like being a cliché

I have to admit I like sitting in Starbucks writing. My local one is in a Waterstones book store. They have classical music playing softly in the background, and I've spent time in there writing when it's been quite quiet. I've actually found the whole experience therapeutic.

I other thing about it is I'm the only person who appears to think I'm a cliché. The 'slaving away writing in a coffee shop' thing hasn't taken off over here (well, not in Bradford). Actually when I say I'm the only person, that isn't true. There is an American woman who works there. When I went back for my second drink, I'm sure she gave me a smirk and mentally stamped 'Wannabe Writer' on my forehead. I could see it in her eyes :)

Anyway, I'm about to break into act two with the re-write of Untitled 4. So far so good.

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