Friday, August 12, 2005

Is it hot outside?

Wasn't it supposed to be the hottest day ever on record today?

Don't know about where you are but it is pissing it down here!

I really don't know why the news media always seem to jump on the weather. It's the top story if it rains heavily, it's the top story if it snows at all, and it's the top story if it's hot.

I can understand the tornados making the news last month, but the rest? We get sunshine, wind, rain and snow in this country. It's a fact, not big news.

Anyway, if you wan't an accurate weather forcast then download the Konfabulator toolbar ( I think). It's the most accurate I've seen so far, plus you can get lost of other widgets for it (thanks to Iain for pointing me at that).

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