Friday, August 19, 2005

Washing up for ideas

I've discovered my muse!

It's the washing up sponge (we don't have room for a dishwasher).

My last two screenplay ideas came to me while I was washing the dishes. The down side to that is the dishes didn't really get done as both times I left the kitchen and wrote the outlines down.

I always do that now. I'll write something out as soon as I think of it. I've done that ever since one night when I woke around 1am and couldn't sleep. I came up with a wonderful idea, it seemed perfect. I tossed it round in my head for about two hours and then felt tired enough to get back to sleep. I thought "Should I get some paper and write that down?" but that meant getting out of bed and I was tired, so I told myself I would do it in the morning.

Morning came and could I remember what I had spent two hours planning out during the night? Yeah right! I spent the whole day trying to remember and drew a blank. All I could remember was that it sounded fantastic :(

So now I write everything down.

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