Sunday, August 14, 2005

To gazump or not to gazump.

Is that how you spell gazump??? Anyway:

Had a bit of a dilemma the other night.

We have sold our house and found one to buy and things are proceeding pretty much ok. However one of the people who had been to view our house in the past turned up on our doorstep. He said he had now sold his house and wanted to buy ours and that he had no chain. He said he has seen every other house in his price band in Thornton and wanted ours and was willing to beet our current buyers offer.

Now, he is dangling a big fish hook in front of our mouths with a pile of money on the end. We said no. I think it was the right thing morally and logically.

If the people we were buying off suddenly turned round and said. We don't want to sell to you any more as someone has offered more money, we would be pretty pissed off.

(1) There is a chain. If he had to sell his to buy ours then there is a chain. If we took him up on his offer and the people buying his pulled out on him, we would be shafted.

(2) The people who are buying ours a first time buyers and that is the definition of no chain, they have nothing to sell so the chain starts with us.

(3) Our first time buyers seem happy so far. If we go with the other guy, he could be fickle and pull out shafting everyone.

I think we did the right thing (I hope)

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