Thursday, August 18, 2005

Writing Style Dangers


It nearly happened to me again!

I've got part way through another screenplay and the point where the start and the end meet in the middle started to open up into a large gap :(

This time (for once) I've managed to pull them back together.

I suppose I'm at risk of that with my style of writing. Some writers will plan the screenplay out in great detail, writing out little cards for each scene detailing who is in each scene, what the point of the scene is and what will go on in it. I don't seem to be able to work like that (I have tried).

When I come up with an idea, I will get the outline down on paper. That will run somewhere between eight and twelve pages (handwritten). It is then up to me to see if I can flesh it out to a full length script. Just like I did this lunch time, I often find holes in the plot and no bridge building equipment to hand. Luckily today I found a spare bridge in my pocket :)

Doing it this way seems to be the best way I can keep the flow going. I want to get on with it, not spend weeks writing out each tiny detail. I know that way the potential for weak scripts is greater, but I have to go with what works best for me.

What is your writing style?

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