Thursday, August 18, 2005

Review: The Last of the Mohicans (5/5)

I must have watched this film a dozen times, but last night was the first time in about five years.

What a fantastic film! I must get hold of the script for this and read it. It is one of those films where a good portion of it is told visually and not verbally. Trying not to give anything away to those who have not seen it (and if you have not you must!), there is a whole sequence from when the English army marches out of the fort, to where the lead characters paddle canoes across a lake and down a river. It must last up to ten minutes (maybe more) and during that time there can't have been more than two sentences spoken by the main characters. Great writing (or filmmaking or both). The only small point I have to pick is that the dialog is probably a bit modern for the period the film is based in. However, with all the plus points you don't really notice.

It is also one of those rare films where the soundtrack is equally as great as the film. Put the film and soundtrack together on the screen and the results are outstanding. The battle sequences are excellent, especially the final one at the end.

Fantastic story, fantastic acting, fantastic soundtrack and breathtaking locations.

I'll give it 5/5.

I'll have to start a review section. Not that I'm trying to copy off you Iain :)

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