Monday, August 15, 2005

Screenwriting Update

Hi all,

As the title of this blog suggests screenwriting, I thought I'd give you an update on my progress so far. I'll try to make some sort of flag easily viewable for those who don't really care about my writing and are just here to read my rants and raves.

I have around seven screenplays buzzing around in my head or as a rough outline on paper. As far as actually writing them goes….. Well, the number of finished screenplays still registers a big ZERO. However that doesn't mean I haven't started on any scripts.

3,500 miles from New York was my first attempt at writing a screenplay. I have a start, and the ending is fine. Unfortunately I am having trouble with the back end of act 2 and making everything meet in the middle seems to be a problem. Unfortunately creativity on this screenplay seems to have stalled. I will probably come back to this in 12 months or so and see if I can kick it back into action.

Untitled 4 (as in I have no name for it yet) is my current work in progress. I'm writing it out on paper rather than at the keyboard (quicker to add notes and edit). I have a full outline (this time the start and end do meet in the middle), and I am currently around page 20 with the actual script. This one may be the first to the finishing line :)

The Woman on the Bus will be the next one I start. I have an almost complete outline that just needs a few ragged edges tidying up. When Untitled 4 is finished I will crack on with this one in an attempt to keep some momentum going.

As progress continues I hope to give regular updates.

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